Getting Here

Driving here

If you’d prefer to drive, Fort Simpson is accessible via the Liard Trail Highway from British Columbia and via the Mackenzie Highway from Alberta. It’s a very scenic drive to Fort Simpson and the experience of traveling northern highways is truly unique.

If you’re driving, make sure to participate in the Deh Cho Travel Connection. The Dehcho (Slavey for Big River – referring to the Mackenzie river) is the name of our region in the Northwest Territories and the Deh Cho Travel Connection is an 1800 km (1100 mile) driving adventure that rewards travellers with spectacular views of the Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Alberta landscapes as well as the chance to win great prizes. Be watchful along the way for black bear, moose, woodland caribou, lynx, wolves, and bison.

Flying here

There are frequent, regularly scheduled flights to the community:

First Air offers flights from Yellowknife 6 days each week.

Air Tindi – Based in Yellowknife, NT, Air Tindi also flies from the Yelowknife to Fort Simpson 6 days a week.