he Village of Fort Simpson strives to recognize and meet the diverse needs of its citizens, making the community a great place to live for young and old, families and individuals alike.

Łíídlıı Kųę is a place that offers many amenities and opportunities to its residents. It is a hub for the Dehcho region, a meeting and gathering place, "a place where the rivers come together". We recognize that our residents are our strength, contributing countless volunteer hours and other efforts to enhance the quality of life for their families and neighbours. The Village of Fort Simpson also shares in that commitment to make our community an inviting, progressive and desirable place to be.

Website visitors will find everything they need to know about living in Fort Simpson in this section, be it services provided directly by the Village or links to important information provided by others equally dedicated to making The "Gateway to Nahanni National Park" a welcoming, liveable community.

Łíídlıı Kųę – the place where the rivers come together…

Our Aim

To provide quality programs and services for the residents of Fort Simpson.

Our Staff

Working on behalf of all residents.