Community Briefing of Regular Meeting 20, of October 17, 2016

Oct 18 / 2016

Below are a few highlights of the Regular Council Meeting (RM20-2016) on Monday October 17th, 2016.

-A motion was passed that Council suport the Recreation Centre Upgrade project using the remaining SCF allocation.

-A motion was tabled that Council approve the Home Occupation Business License Application of Jocelyn MacLean to operate a business as a Dog Boarding, pet supply, and guest room rental business on lot 79, plan 1083, in Fort Simpson, NT.

-A motion was passed that Council authorize the Engagement Plan for Land Use Appplication for Quarry Site at KM 518, Hwy #1, as submitted by Rowe's Construction, which acknowledges the recept of information provided.  

-A motion was passed that Council approve the request to dispose of waste products from Rowe's Construction quarry operations and that this waste will consist of daily refuse and that the disposal complies with the Village of Fort Simpson's site waste management guidelines.

-A motion was passed that Council approve the request submitted by the RCMP to allocate location for Detachment Personnel and that a lease be put in place to reflect this.  The lease agreement will be in the amount of $500 per day and any other directly related costs.

-A motion was carried that Council approve the support letter for the Mackenzie Valley Highway addressed to Honourable Marc Garneau.

For specific information or discussion on any of the above items, please contact the Acting Village of Fort Simpson Senior Administrative Officer Mitch Gast.  Minutes for this meeting will be approved at the next regular Council meeting Monday November 7, 2016.